The Inner Teacher

By Mark Stephens on Sun, 03/27/2016 - 08:36

Adjust Pic with Yoga Adjustments ExcerptIn doing yoga, the best teacher one will ever have is alive and well inside. In every breath, every posture, and all the moments and transitions in between, the inner teacher is offering guidance. The tone, texture, and tempo of the breath blend with myriad sensations arising in the bodymind to suggest how and where one might best go with focused awareness and action.  There is no universally correct method or technique, no set of rules, no single goal, and no absolute authority beyond what comes to the practitioner through the heart and soul of simply being in it, listening inside, and opening to the possibilities of amazing qualities of being fully, consciously alive. It’s a personal practice, even if one comes to it and finds in it a more abiding sense of social connection or spiritual being.