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Yoga for Firefighters & First Responders with Shannon McQuaide

Yoga for Firefighters & First Responders with Shannon McQuaide

While wildfires are now considered a "season" in many parts of the world, the people who fight wildfires and structure fires are often the first ones on the scenes of other natural and human-caused disasters, accidents, and other events that threaten human lives. While trained and well practiced in their mission, firefighters and first responders often face personal, physical, emotional, and mental tolls with little time and fewer resources to help them in coping, healing, and moving forward in healthy ways.

Yoga teacher Shannon McQuaide grew up in a fire family with first-hand experience of the life and times of firefighters and first responders. With a strong background in education, an entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for doing good things in the world, she created FireFlex as a program for bringing the healing benefits of yoga into fire houses. Drawing from deep experience in yoga, trauma, and resiliency, her training of other teachers is making a difference in the lives of many who in turn make a difference in the lives of thousands.

Highlights of this episode include:

  • The Unseen Challenges of Firefighters and First Responders
  • Strength, Vulnerability, and Resilience
  • Practicing & Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness in Fire Stations
  • How to Prepare for Teaching Firefights and First Responders
  • Subtle Aspects of Teaching Yoga


Shannon McQuaide, FireFlex Yoga founder, grew up in a fire family. Shannon is a successful entrepreneur, educator, functional and resiliency expert with 20+ years’ experience creating empowering instructional programs for corporations, public schools, community groups and first responders. 

In addition to yoga, Shannon also teaches Mindfulness Workshops to law enforcement and has more than 15 years experience leading professional development training programs. 

She's published articles for the California State Firefighters’ Association, Fire Rescue Magazine, and has recently completed her first book, The Conscious Warrior: Yoga for Firefighters and First Responders.

Shannon is a certified functional movement trainer, has completed Trauma Sensitive Yoga training, and she has a master's degree in leadership and psychology. She has certified over 65 yoga teachers in the FireFlex methodology.