Loren Fishman YBS

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The universal necessity of sleep is well-met by the universal appeal of this well-informed, bold and resourceful book, bringing ancient wisdom and practice to bear on contemporary anxiety. Insomnia touches the lives of over 250,000,000 Americans; a drugless, easily used, virtually costless remedy without hangover isn’t such a bad idea.

– Loren Fishman, M.D., author, Yoga for Arthritis and Yoga for Osteoporosis

Bernie Clark YBS

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Yoga for Better Sleep is a wonderful guide for anyone, not just those suffering sleep issues or teachers helping students. Beyond the fascinating, current science of sleep, it delves into therapies for sleepers of all ages and backgrounds, from babies to seniors, offering in depth yoga prescriptions as well as valuable lifestyle changes. Its breadth is wonderful and its depth is considerable. This is not a surprise considering Mark Stephens’ pedigree and past writings.

– Bernie Clark, author, Yin Yoga and Your Body, Your Yoga

Elena Brower YBS

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Natural sleep dissolves deeply held states of tension, empowering us to be our creative best. Mark Stephens’ Yoga for Better Sleep offers a beacon of hope to our exhausted modern world, revealing how the simplest ancient practices of posture, breathing, and meditation can help us to sleep better and live well.

– Elena Brower, best-selling author of Practice You and teacher at Glo.com

David Emerson YT

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Mark Stephens' sober but optimistic assessment of the potential for yoga therapy inside the western medical model is a welcome addition. My hope is that the field will follow his well-informed guidance in the attempt to responsibly integrate these two models of health-care that have so much to offer each other because, ultimately, it is the patients that will benefit.

– David Emerson, Author of Trauma-Sensitive Yoga in Therapy and Director of Yoga Service, The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute

Barbara Dossey YT

picture of Barbara Dossey

This comprehensive textbook for yoga therapists offers an original synthesis of yoga practices with the insights of western medicine.

– Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, HWNC-BC, Author of Holistic Nursing and Co-Director, International Nurse Coach Association

Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones YT

Mark Stephens' Yoga Therapy is a complete guide to anyone who wants thorough information on subtle as well as gross anatomy, Ayurvedic principles, and insight into the many intricacies of the human body and spirit as it relates to yoga and healing. The scope of this book is clearly a labor of devotion and knowledge.

– Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones, Author of The Vital Psoas Muscle and Concise Book of Yoga Anatomy.

Larry Payne YT

picture of Larry Payne

The next great Yoga Therapy book from an excellent teacher and author. Highly recommended for yoga teachers, health professionals and students.

– Larry Payne, co-author Yoga Therapy & Integrative Medicine, Yoga Rx and Yoga for Dummies, founding director Yoga Therapy Rx, Loyola Marymount University

Nichala Joy Devi

picture of Nischala Joy Devi

Yoga Therapy, a thorough and comprehensive landmark book, offers illuminating insight into Yoga, Yoga Therapy and the interface with western medicine. Along with Stephens’ generous offering of practical information, he espouses the attributes of kindness and compassion in yoga therapy practice, which although often overlooked, is indeed the very heart of yoga, itself. An essential read for every yoga therapist!

– Nischala Joy Devi, Yoga teacher and therapist; author, The Healing Path of Yoga and The Secret Power of Yoga

David Gordon White YT

picture of david gordan white

Going back to the time of the Buddha, yoga practitioners have been divided into two groups--Experimentalists who know yoga through their bodies and Speculatives who know yoga through its philosophical teachings. Mark Stephens' Yoga Therapy is proof that he has mastered both paths.

– David Gordon White, Author of Sinister Yogis and The Yoga Sutra of Patanjali: A Biography

Micah Mortelli YT

picture of Micah Mortelli

Mark’s capacity for conveying both the depth and the breadth of the yogic sciences are all the more powerful because of his commitment to practice. His works to date on teaching, sequencing and adjustments have already established him as one of the foremost authorities in yoga education.  With the emergence of Yoga Therapy in recent years, as a powerful form of integrative healing, Mark now brings his scholar’s mind and practitioners wisdom to the field.  A boon for all!

– Micah Mortali, director, The Kripalu Schools (School of Integrative Yoga Therapy, School of Yoga, School of Ayurveda), Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health