Will I get to engage with Mark and ask him questions?

While this course does not provide one-on-one time with Mark, it does incorporate live group sessions with Mark and other course participants (totaling 5 hours of live engagement). During the live sessions, you can directly ask Mark questions and he'll address your questions to the group. There will also be an online forum where you can engage with Mark, his assistants and other participants.   

Can I complete the course in one weekend or do I need to use all 3 weeks?

The course is about 15 hours of pre-recorded video content, including lectures and 3 yoga classes to practice at home. If you want to watch all the lecture content in one weekend, that's totally fine to do. However, there are 3 live group sessions with Mark, which are scheduled for January 7, 21 & 31, that you are required to attend live or watch the video replays of the sessions. Because the sessions are live, you obviously cannot complete them ahead of time and the replays will not be available until after each session has concluded.